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Skills for Learning, Life and Work 

We use 'Proud Clouds' to celebrate wider achievements in school but we have adapted these in session 2017-18 to encourage a more inclusive and focused approach. Pupils will be focusing on Skills for Learning, Life and Work this year. There are four categories for this so we have broken them down into the four terms:

Pupils will have an opportunity to suggest what each of these areas mean to them and what they may look like in school and at home. These discussions will then form the basis of what Proud Clouds are rewarded for at each stage. Pupils will be able to earn a house points and a Proud Cloud depending on the skill they have mastered. The whole school chart will be shared on the website when the classes have completed them so that parents can discuss them at home.

Please encourage your child to share skills they are developing out of school. We really enjoy hearing about them and they will be recorded at the back of the new Learning Journey Jotter.

Digital Learning @ KPS


Modern Languages

It is a Scottish Government aim to make Modern languages a central part of children’s learning from P1 onwards. For more information, please click here

For advice on how to support your child with French at home, please click here

Please click here for a presentation on how to support at home

Please see videos below to help with basic vocabulary

Bounce Back

For further information about 'Bounce Back' - our new Health and Wellbeing resource used help build resilience in our pupils - click here

Sexual Health and Relationships

For information on the language used at each stage, when teaching about Sexual Health and Relationships, please click here


Active Literacy

As part of our committment to continuously raising attainment, we have introduced North Lanarkshire's 'Active Literacy' in Primary 1 in session 2014-15.

Active Literacy at Kinross


Active Literacy info for Parents